Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Zach

Holler. Still steaming about our night in the live oak springs shit hole. This clown who tried to scam us 75 dollars for a plot of weeds, rock, and dog shit needs a kick in the throat.  Sure, the climbs suck but what's worse is sleeping on thorns that bust your sleeping pad and being woken up by border patrol helicopters every ten minutes.  It takes a certain type of asshole to be a cop.. but you've really gotta be a special breed to join up with this shit.  If it weren't for these douches running rampant we could have hid out and camped free.. whatever life goes on and certainly could be way worse..

So today we got up and killed cereal and sandwiches after Brian played with lenoras derailleur for a bit. Left a little late as usual and started climbing again. By noon we were finally done and hit that decent.25 minutes of downhill was radical and threw us right into a head wind for a bit. Brian got another flat which was annoying but at least didn't leave us with a mystery to solve this time. We got off I-80 and hit Texaco for some electrolytes and meth. Our map urged us very strongly to avoid the Evan Hewes highway and follow a.detour due to "extremely broken roads covered in potholes" we ignored the map due to them being "complete and utter cowards". No sweat. Well not literally.. shit has gotten hot as we were now in the desert. Found ourselves a dead snake and trudged on at 12mph into an obnoxious headwind. After a while Brian was starving and grumpy and Lenora was hangry. We almost stopped to kill some baked beans but decided to push to small town Seely Dan.  It was dead but there was a tiny taco shop and they hooked us with multiple big ass burritos for only 3.50 each. Kill it.

Bad news. Lenoras rear wheel out of true still causing her break to rub and keeping her shaky as all get out. Soooo we made a small detour to a bike shop in El Centro. They kinda fixed it.. or not really. What a world. We were there till 7 and had to run fast to get to a hotel in Brawly for Lost. I checked myself in just before eight. Brian and Lenorbit snuck in a few later and Brian then went to subway to get us all dinner. Guess what. Lost airs at 8 pm here. Add Brawley to the list. Stay out. Anyway caught the last half hour and we are all pretty sad. Tv

Tomorrow is some more desert killing. We have a 60 mile stretch with nothing in between aaaand its gonna be 103 degrees Woot Woot! We got a bunch of extra water bottles and gallon jugs. Fantastic.

Wigan.. smash chelsea.

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