Monday, May 3, 2010


Today was a jerk! Right now we're sitting in the live oaks lodge
eating mediocre food trying to recover from climbing for 35 miles.
Currently we're at 4500 feet 2500 of which we did today. Seriously
brutal. Not afraid to say it I cried during one of our climbs. That
shit sucked! Hardest ride of my life for real like. We didn't make our
goal today not by half which at this point is fine with me. We're just
gonna camp here tonight and call it a loss. Positives of the day: so
many horses, skinks everYwhere awesome beetle found this morning
amazing scenery and good company (Zach and Brian are hilarious).
Negatives: my fucking deraileurs are jacked all to hell so out of
alignment ,I rode through a swarm of bees (what is a swarm if bees
doing at the side of a highway?!) i got some weird hives on my leg and
the hills destroyed me! My hips my knee my butt are all killing me!
Blah, at least tomorrow is down hill for miles. I miss the b and the
boy :(

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