Thursday, May 6, 2010

90 some odd!

So our new schedule bodes well for biking across the desert. A cooler
and slower paced morning saw us arriving in Salome in time to get out
of the worst of the heat. Some grouchiness ensued here and there
mostly due to weather and an unruly bike. Seems i was riding on a
mostly flat tire for hours and my wheel is crazy out of true again!
I'm pretty content with my pace otherwise,15mph on average I think. I
think it's a good speed for taking in the scenery and keeping my body
from totally crashing. Zach and I stopped here and there to take
pictures. Arizona is way more beautiful than east California. I can
find nothing redeeming about that area. Got some pictures of baby
goats, desert plant life, and awesome abandoned motels. There are tons
out here and I can't figure out why. Like east Cali this stretch of
Arizona has been hit hard by poverty. Was it the depression? A lot of
these towns were established in the early twentieth century. Did they
just not survive the dust bowl? The depression? The mass exodus to the
suburbs after the war? I don't know. My hands are weathered by the sun
and layers of salt left behind by hours of sweat. My body will take a
beating when this all through.

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  1. super sweet adventure ride! we should study how economics and (un)natural disasters may have affected those areas and left them how they are today. nerd alert!