Saturday, May 8, 2010

rip River Phoenix

So now we relax on a much needed off day.  3 days straight of 90+ miles in the desert sun can start to wear on your body and attitude. We are crashing at our old buddy Anne's.  Last night we killed crazy amounts of pasta, broke her sink, and rearranged her kitchen while she was out.  Later we all laid around blowing farts and laughing. I think we all expected to sleep in late but everyone is up by 9 so we got straight to work. Lenora still has a problem with her rear wheel staying true and apparently breaking spokes so we went to a couple bike shops and in the end decided the best solution was to get a whole new wheel set. In a perfect world this wouldn't be the first choice but it has been a persistent issue affecting her riding and bike shops will be few and far between from here on out.

After that anne drove us to get some Chinese food and back to her place.  Brian and Lenora went straight to work on the bikes while Anne and I hit the pool. Laying poolside was one of the most trying parts of the trip.. watching these ass clowns smoke cigarettes in the pool while they blare sublime on their stereo and talk about getting fucked up. Cruel Fucking joke. So now I'm back inside watching Brian sleep while Anne and lenora go off to ship her old wheel set back home.  Oh also me and Brian have eached lost ten pounds. Holler. Drove past a Mexican buffet earlier.. I am intrigued. XXX

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