Thursday, May 13, 2010

Knee-rly there

So here's the blicky; 24 hours of rest and a kneebrace later and we
hit the rode. We said goodbye to our hotel room and the scene of an
Oreo cookie massacre. It was cold out and my knee was stiff but we
went for it. I felt like I was fighting my bike for miles and couldn't
figure out what was going on. My knee was killing me and that combined
with the bike issue made me hella frustrated! Felt bad most of the day
cause I was holding the guys up too. When we finally got to our major
climb I was spent mentally and physically. The guys attacked the
mountain before us with vigor despite the four or five switch backs
needed to climb it. I started to but knee and bike weren't having it.
I finally stopped and took a look at the bike and realized my front
wheel had been rubbing all day. What the f?! Seriously?! Wishing I had
noticed sooner I fixed it and started back up the. By then I hAd just
been pushing my bike up the hill and found I was not too far behind
the guys. Ha ha they were biking almost as fast as it would take to
walk the thing. Despite this i felt i should try to ride but just then
a truck slowed and asked if I wanted a ride to the top. I looked at my
knee and decided to take him up on the offer. Randy was his name and
he was a total cowboy. Complete with yes ma'ams, cowboy boots, hat and
shirt. Totally worth it!!!! I would say half the fun of this trip has
been meeting and talking to people. We stopped at a little gas station
today and I had a really nice conversation with folks in there. I love
the sw! After Randy dropped me off at the top of the climb the guys
met up with me and we rode through gila national park and over into
new mexico. Hello new Mexico you are beautiful!!!! Lush rolling hills,
mountains and what's this the sun bleached bones of a dead calf?!!!
Total win!
Today was a killer, nothing but false flats and shitty hills. Ugh
we were wiped but we landed well!! Wingnut bike hippies took us to
their house and made us welcome! So we are indoors tonight and not
freezing at a campground. Tomorrow this rad dude named chris offered
to drive me to the next town to catch the bus, total win. Me and the
old knee can't take two more days of climbs. I'm holding the guys up
and biking through too much pain. Sucks cause new Mexico was the state
I was so psyched to bike through. Bummed to be parted from the guys
and frustrated beyond belief with my knee. So strange when your body
betrays you.
Positives: this house we're at, the awesome folks I've met, the
hummingbird I rescued and held, the sweet cat at the rv park, cooler
weather, bones we found, and my supportive bike partners in crime.

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