Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Starts and stops

Amazing things have been seen on this trip. Seriously the only way to
travel is by bike, I'm convinced! The night before last we stayed at a
windy but beautiful camp ground at the top of the mountains in a
national park. It was a hell of a climb getting to it though.
Especially since I have a slow leak and my tire was at half pressure
most of the day. For reals why is the back half of my bike trying to
sabotage me? The new wheel set has made things a hell if a lot better
though. Love love love my new wheels. So the really rad stuff that has
gone down includes the following; Yesterday we kicked in the apache
Rez and made friends with a mangie stray, heard coyotes talking one
night, flocks of small birds in the early am and pm swirling and
diving while they hunt, we've met some really friendly people and
recently the weather had cooled off. Bummers would include Zach trying
to poison Brian with kerosene, my tire being super low the last couple
days, and my fucking knee deciding to crap out at the end of a 98
mile day. We're now kicking it in a motel taking an emergency day off
so my knee can recover. WTF?! Today zach said it's always something
with you. It's really starting to feel a little like that. Oh well
here's to an unexpected day off and the quick recovery of my bum knee.

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