Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yeee haw!

Hello from el paso Texas. We have crossed yet another state line.
However, we won't be crossing another one for quite a while. Today's
ride from arrey to el paso was pretty uneventful except for the fact
that Zach and I broke our mileage record by going 103.6 miles today.
Our first 100+ mile ride. Woooo.

So we started off our day at about 7:20 heading out of arrey. We
killed it for the first 25 miles or so with a slight tail wind before
stopping at some family dollar in hatch to try and find food. It has
actually been really difficult to find anything vegan the past couple
of days other than chips and salsa. Family dollar failed us except for
picking up some kick ass 2 liters of Gatorade. We then went down the
street a bit to some shitty super market and still barely found any
food. Zach and I are basically at a loss when we can't find bushes
vegetarian baked beans. For whatever reason, this bullshit part of the
country carries all varieties of bushes except the vegetarian. I am
not willing to eat any other brand so fuck that! Also, hatch is
apparently the chilli pepper Capitol of the country. I wanted to eat
the shit out of some chilis, but did not in fear of dropping ass all
over my bike seat for the next 78 miles. We eventually just gave up
and settled for more pb&j.

After leaving hatch we spent the rest of our day battling a severe
head wind. Shit sucked all day and basically made it like riding up
hill for the next 78 miles or whatever. Not to mention today's ride
was pretty damn boring. Lots of farms and small crappy cities with no
food for us to eat.

About 60 miles in we arrived in las cruces where we met up with Lenora
after she caught a ride with someone from silver city. We had a quick
lunch at subway then got back on the road to el paso. More boring
scenery happened and then all the sudden we were in Texas with no
welcome sign or anythig. The welcome signs on this trip have been
pretty lack luster thanks to all the backroads we are always taking.

We got a hotel once we arrived in el paso as we have a planned sort of
day off tomorrow. We figured if we don't have to go to sleep early or
wake up early we muse as well do so while chillin hard as hell in some
beds while watching cable. Also, zachs birthday is tomorrow so he gets
to relax real style'n for that shit.

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow. All I know is true lies is on TV
and it got vetoed by some fine cinema hating snobs. Whatever, all
Lenora talks about is the new marmaduke movie that is coming out soon.

Texas better not be as abysmal as everyone says it is. Period.

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