Sunday, April 25, 2010

Leg 1 almost complete

We made it to LA! I am pretty proud of us. We killed it and made it
here in 8 days, four of which were sort of half days due to problems
and accomodating to schedule things. All in all I would have to say we
did pretty well. We kept to my original schedule that some said seemed
crazy, but honestly it wasn't that bad. We still technically have two
rides left to complete leg 1 so I will hold off on summations.

As for yesterday's ride, it went by pretty quickly and with no
mechanical blunders. We basically just killed it all day down the 1
again. Yeah, I thought we were finished with the 1 but it came back to
us! It was a decently scenic ride until we got to Malibu where we
stopped for lunch and hung out on the beach for like an hour and a
half. As we were leaving Oxnard we ran in to some airforce base and
took pictures of missiles and shit.

But yeah, after leaving Malibu we were basically just riding through
suburbs of LA. We were flying mos of the time between 18 and 20 mph.
However, there were a couple burly hills outside of LA that slowed us
down a bit. I managed to clock 41 mph down one hill which was pretty
awesome. I know we had to have been going faster sown the mountains
earlier on. I really wish we would have had bike computers then!

Once we finally reached LA we spent a little while just cruisin along
the beach until we got to some beach side amusement park in santa
Monica. At that point we decided to look up where my friend andre
lives which is where we would be staying. Turns out he lives 15 miles
from where we were. WHAT THE FUCK LA?! WHY ARE YOU SO SPREAD OUT?!
This in a nutshell is why I hate this city. We were all stoked that we
made it to LA and made great time only to find out we still had like
an hour and a half of riding up Santa Monica blvd to do, which turned
out to be the most exhausting part.

Due to us arriving in LA in such a timely fashion, we now have all 4
of our extra days to spend here. So we shall be in LA until thursday.
If you are out here give me a holler.

This city is currently my number 1 least favortite city so you have 4
days to prove yoursef otherwise LA. I must say I am looking forward to
hanging out with friends who I have not seen in a long time (because
they live in LA haha) and going to visit harkin's new masterpiece,
grill em all truck. It will also be nice to have 4 days of not hauling
around tons of shit on my bike up and down hills.

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