Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hello friends. Writing from the San Simeon Courtesy Inn (no we are not cowards. Last night was Lost night)

   So as it turned out, our Big Sur campground the other night was at the very bottom of that monstrous climb. We were camped next to some other bikers we named Navy Seal and Europeans.  Dinner was chips, cold refried beans, an avocado and nutter butters.  Spent the rest of the night standing in the public bathroom while our phones charged.  Worst nights sleep ever.  Shit was freezing and the rain was heavy as all get out.  Woke up at 4 about to pee my pants. After an hour of trying to decide what to do I scrounged for a zip lock bag and tore it up. When Brian found it outside my tent that morning it had turned thick and orange. Am I ok???

    We hit the road around noon not knowing how far we would get.  First thing out of the gate was a 1000 foot climb in the rain. Killed it. Views were awesome and the descent was baller.  Couldn't get pics on our phones yesterday though... we passed the Europeans who had left four hours sooner.  Had a little chat. Yawn. Brian lost his iPhone charger. Treated... aaand we kept on till Lucia.  This "town" was like.. one store and motel. We ate our lunch and chatted a bit with Navy Seal who we had caught up with. It was 4pm and we made the choice to push the 45 miles to san simeon village hoping to make it before dark.  Navy Seal thought we were kidding ourselves so we slashed up his tires and fed him our dust.  More huge climbs and more awesome downhills.  Picked up some baked beans and dried mangos in raged rock and kept pushing.  The ride into san simeon was grey, cold, and windy.  Passed a million seals.  I put one in my back pack and rode on just like Lenora and Sebastian.  We gutted him last night during American idol and ate him by the indoor pool.  Well 70 miles is our longest ride ever and it feels good to have these huge climbs behind us. Think we will hit the road now.  XXX

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